Parish Youth Ministry:  The purpose of St. Dominic CYO Youth Ministry is to involve as many 5th to 8th graders of our parish in activities that make up the five faces of CYO:  Athletic, Cultural, Service, Social and Spiritual.  Through participation in these activities, it is the goal of the CYO Youth Ministry to promote Christian values of service to others, sportsmanship, and a greater awareness of our Catholic Faith.  For more information, call Patty O’Neill at 215-338-4025.


High School CYO:  A group of parents coordinate the outreach to our high school teens.  At the new Youth Ministry Center, 9th to 12th graders are welcomed and develop social and service activities in an environment that fosters understanding and growth in the Catholic Faith.  Contact Rita Fitzgerald at 215-335-1598.


Children’s Liturgy of the Word:  The Liturgy of the Word is presented to children in a simple and intimate way which helps them to understand it on their level.  The children gather in the main church with parents/guardians.  After the Opening Prayer, they process into the Adoration Chapel for their own Liturgy, then rejoin their family for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Children between the ages of 5 and 8 are invited to participate each week.  Contact Barbara McGuckin at 215-338-4035.


Church Cleaners:  Volunteers maintain the cleanliness of the church by dusting the altar area and mopping the sanctuary, cleaning wax drippings from altar candles, putting hymnals back in the racks, picking up papers and items left in pews and on the floor, sweeping and wet mopping the church floors, washing the church doors and windows in the foyer, cleaning the confessionals, the lavatory, and the sacristies.  Volunteers work on Mondays after the 8:00 AM Mass.  Contact Betty Kline at 215-335-1852.


Ministry of Hospitality:  Ministers of Hospitality are men and women of our Parish who create and maintain an atmosphere of welcome for all who celebrate the Eucharistic Liturgy with us.  They stand at the doors of the church and simply welcome the arriving guests and worshipers.  Their primary responsibility is to make the people feel welcome and comfortable, to enhance each person’s sense of belonging to the parish.  The basic duties are as simple as saying hello and holding doors open!  Youngsters, teenagers, adults or families can participate.  Our Ministers of Hospitality assist the physically-challenged to their pews, direct and organize the presentation of the gifts, take up the collections, help the congregation process to Holy Communion and distribute the church bulletin after the Masses.  For more information, contact Father Gabin at the Rectory at 215-624-5502.


Home and School Association:  The purpose of H.A.S.A. is to help parents and teachers acquire a greater understanding of the ideals of Catholic education, promote interest in educational, parish and civic affairs, to encourage parents to a greater degree of participation in the discharging of their responsibilities to the parish school, and to become aware of those conditions in the neighborhood which adversely influence children’s behavior.  H.A.S.A. sponsors many activities and fund raisers.  Three General Meetings with professional speakers or topics of parental interest provide enrichment.  Contact Sheila Evans at 215-338-1848.


Lectors:  Lectors are men and women of our Parish with a facility for public speaking.  A Lector contributes to the flow of the Liturgy by proclaiming the Word of God at Mass.  Usually each Lector is assigned one or two Masses a month and is encouraged to volunteer for daily liturgies also.  Training is provided.  Contact Father Gabin in the Rectory.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:  Eucharistic Ministers are religious and lay men and women, 18 years of age or older, who aid in the distribution of the Eucharist at all Masses and take Holy Communion to their assigned homebound parishioners within St. Dominic Parish.  Contact Father Gabin in the Rectory.


Neocatechumenate:  The purpose of the Neocatechumenate is to help rejuvenate the Parish by developing a sense of the Christian community; build awareness of the presence of Christ among His people; focus on God’s love and make Him the center of our lives, our family, and our community.  Neocatechumenates attend the catechesis once; faith-share during the Liturgy of the Word; and, celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Contact Bill Casey at 215-624-6706.


Parish Outreach Ministry:  Any parishioner who has the desire to follow in our Lord’s ministry to the sick and needy is invited to join.  Some of our goals are to visit the lonely and homebound, give someone a ride to Mass on Sunday, to a Doctor’s appointment or to the store, help an elderly parishioner with errands, provide “emergency” babysitting when called upon.  Also, we would be looking for those who would benefit from these types of services.  For more information, contact Mark & Peggy Salvatore at 215-635-4329.


Respect Life Ministry:  The purpose of the Respect Life Committee is to disseminate information from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as well as Pro-Life organizations, to educate and help mothers, babies, elderly, disabled, etc.  The activities of this organization include providing roses, Precious Feet pins, and information outside of church.  Young people and adults are welcome to join this organizaiton.  Contact Susan Silcox at 215-333-4313.


Scrip Program:  The Scrip Program is available to everyone…family, friends, neighbors, etc.  The Scrip Program works as follows:  anyone can buy certificates for various stores which are used just like cash in the stores.  When you purchase your certificates, you will receive a voucher for credit toward any Catholic school tuition (grades K – College).  There is no limit to the amount of money you can save or the number of people who can designate your family to get the voucher.  Contact Nancy or Fran in the Rectory Scrip Office at 215-624-5502.


St. Dominic Senior Group:  The purpose of the Seniors Group is to provide social opportunities, companionship, and occasions for new friendships for anyone 55 years of age or over.  Activities include Bingo, Pinochle, Casino trips and trips to points of interest.  Meetings are held on Mondays from September through June from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in Marian Hall.  Contact Rita Schubert at 215-335-0929.


Evangelization Ministry:  Members of this ministry focus on the great need to spread God’s word among parishioners and beyond to the larger community.  Invitations to grow in faith and be active, participating Catholics are extended in various ways to members of the parish and the community.  For more information, contact Father Gabin at 215-624-5502.


St. Vincent de Paul Society:  The parish conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society consists of caring parishioners who are charitably concerned with needy people in our community.  Using donations from the poor boxes, members of the Society visit and assist people needing food, clothes, rent assistance, utility assistance and other emergency needs.  To become a member of the Society or to receive help from it, contact the Pastor, Father Gabin, at 215-624-5502.


Liturgy Committee:  The purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to assist the priests of the parish in planning inspiring and beautiful Masses and other liturgies, especially during the special seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  Membership is reserved to leaders and participants of liturgy-related ministries.  However, comments on the quality of the Sacred Liturgy and suggestions for its enhancement can always be made to the Pastor, Gather Gabin, at 215-624-5502.


Social Activities Committee:  The purpose of the Social Committee is to help organize a series of social events to be held in our Parish throughout the year.  These events include a German-Polish Octoberfest and an Irish Day.  We also host the reception following the All Souls’ Mass celebrated for all those who were buried from St. Dominic over the previous year, the luncheon following the Anointing Mass for the Homebound and the Confirmation Dinner for the students and their families.  Volunteers help organize, set-up, work as cooks, work with advertisements, etc.  All parishioners are warmly welcome to attend our meetings which are announced frequently in the parish bulletin.  If intersted, contact Father Michael Heim.


Service Groups Hosted by the Parish:  AA/12 Step Young Men’s Program, T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).