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ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN The total amount of children currently enrolled in Saint Dominic School is 404. There are 87 children receiving religious education in our CCD Program and 2 children who are educated in a home school setting.


STANDARDS FOR QUALITY CATHOLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS At the present time, our school meets all standards required by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for quality Catholic elementary schools.  These standards are as follows:  a strong Catholic identity, Principal and Faculty who are practicing Catholics with religion and state certification, Middle States accredited. Our school has adequate facilities to provide a quality program in all religious and academic instruction.  We also provide integration of Religion and Technology across all curriculum areas.


OTHER SCHOOL RESOURCES Our parish school has met all other school resources required such as a Computer Lab with internet access, classrooms with internet access, Fine Arts Program (Music and Art),  Physical Education, Science Lab, Library, Honors Math (where criteria are met) and a cafeteria.


OTHER SOURCES OF TUITION INCOME (TUITION GRANTS RECEIVED BY THE PARISH)A number of families with students in St. Dominic School receive tuition grants.  The following is a list of those grants and the amounts the school receives: B.L.O.C.S./EITC $2,750, Children's Scholarship Fund $30,351.50, Pennsylvania Family Institute, Family Choice Scholarship Program $1,700, BRAVO Foundation $1,167, Community Scholarship Fund - Waste Management $400.


STANDARDS FOR QUALITY PARISH RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAMS (CCD) AND OTHER CCD RESOURCES:  Our parish CCD Program meets all standards for quality religious education programs.  We have a strong Catholic identity, catechists who are practicing Catholics with training for the task of providing religious instruction to the children, learning resources (technology), an approved program through the Office of Catechetical Formation and follow a curriculum as prescribed by the Office of Catechetical Formation including Archdiocesan Religion guidelines, approved text and Sacramental preparation.  We use RCL and Loyola Press textbooks and materials.


ADOLESCENT AND YOUTH MINISTRY:  The goal of these programs is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. Our parish nourishes this aspect for our youth by a very active Parish Youth Ministry that fosters spiritual growth, service and socialization.  On Sundays, our Children's Liturgy of the Word and Little Church School proclaim the Gospel teachings to our young children.  Our High School Youth Ministry, after having participated in July, 2008, at World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, is now actively preparing for the next World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain, in 2011.

ADULT FAITH FORMATION: The key dimensions of Adult Faith Formation are to recognize communion with Jesus as the aim of all catechesis, to learn and embrace the doctrine on the Eucharist and other sacraments, to explore the Scriptures for a fuller understanding, Christian prayer, foster spiritual growth in the community and cultivate an evangelizing spirit and the importance of serving those in need.  We at St. Dominic respond to these dimensions with our Bible Study, Neocatechumenal Way, Charismatic Prayer Meetings, Companions in Prayer, and the Marian Movement for Priests.


COSTS OF SCHOOL:  The total school operating expense is $954,983.00. The income from tuition is $675,500.00 and the subsidy provided by the parishioners is $278,483.00.  Tuition income per student is computed in two different levels, Participating Rates and Non-Participating/Non-Catholic/Out of Parish Rates.  Participating Rates:  $3,174.00 for 1 child, $4,224.00 for 2 children, $4,624.00 for 3 or more children.  Non-Participating/Non-Catholic/Out of Parish Rates:  $3,494.00 for 1 child, $4,644.00 for 2 children, $5,394.00 for 3 or more children, Pre-K Rate: $2,800.00 per child.